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PlantProtect Organic Insect Pest Repellent Spray 500ml


Effective Organic repellent against soft body insect pest                                 

Biodegradable organic solution

Preventive repellent residual last up to 7 days under non adverse weathering


Safe for pets & children

Easy on your hand



Purified Water, Peppermint Oil, Neem Oil, Glycerine, Octadceninc Acid,
Potassium Salt, Potassium Oleate, Lecithin


How to apply PlantProtect ?


Shake bottle well before spray


Apply PlantProtect liberally on plant leaves. 
The herbal solutions will protect plants against soft body insect pest such as aphids, moth larvae and others.


Apply during cool morning and evening.
Avoid spraying in a hot afternoon to minimize stress on your plant.



How often do I apply PlantProtect ?

Apply once every 2 days on plant that are infected by soft body insect pest.

For insect pest preventive strategies, spray PlantProtect directly on plant once a week.

Do not spray on beneficial insects like ladybug, lady bird beetle and hoverfly.
They are one of those good predators that consume soft body insect like aphids.

Avoid killing praying mantis as they will eat hard body insect like grasshoppers and roaches.
You need these good predators  in your entire garden ecosystem.

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