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Customers' Testimonials

Type of problem customer faced : Water leaking from the Airconditioner due to clogged pipping

En. Mohammad Ali, Taman Aman Perdana, Klang, October 2016
One late night sound asleep...woken up by sudden drops of water on to our and wife got wet from dripping water that came from air con unit above our bed...had done sevice by local air con vendor but bad result...
Contacted a friend who introduce me to "pranafas air con cleaner" and it works...till today we have sound asleep without worrying about the drips remedy and it works try it and you will gain on your RM....Tks


Type of problem customer faced : High maintenance cost  

Ferringhi Stay iinn, Eden Parade, Jalan Sungai Emas 1, Batu Feringhi, Penang 
“In the past we were paying thousands of ringgit per year for air-cond servicing so that our rooms are in excellent condition……..Thanks to Pranafas we have reduced the cost significantly by at least 50%. The complete cleaning kit system is very useful and easy to use! It takes less than 30 minutes to clean each air-cond and our rooms are ready to be occupied on timely manner. No more long waiting period or downtime. Further it is a green product, antibacterial and deodorizes unwanted odours from the air-cond!  Our customers are very happy with our well maintained rooms!”   


Type of problem customer faced : Aircond not cool enough, require immediate solution  

Ms.Anne, owner of car workshop, Kapar, Klang

“My staff instantly sprayed Pranafas Aircond BioCleaner onto the aircond coil when one of my customer waiting for his car to be repaired complained that the office aircond is not cool enough. To our surprise it only took few minutes for the aircond to be cool again after spray!!! Simple and excellent product with great features!


Type of problem customer faced : Dirty aircond parts  

Ms. Azie, Shah Alam
“My husband was very satisfied when he tested it on the coil and plastic parts of a dismantled unit. He was amazed how easy the dirt was removed!”


Type of problem customer faced : Use of solvent based cleaners affecting health (bad for lungs)  

Mr. Jaya, Klang
“ Finally….we have environmental safe product and also to users, for years I have been using solvent based cleaners for my home aircond cleaning which were the only solution then and cheaper but unfortunately affects my breathing due to my asthmatic conditions. After using Pranafas solution I don’t have such issues anymore. Now I can enjoy cleaning my airconds at home without fear! 



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